T-Post Injuries
This page contains injuries
caused by T-posts.
Case 164
This is a yearling quarter horse, with a T-post injury on the body just behind the left
Treatment started 6-8-2006
Case 165
This is a 2 year old horse with a T-post injury to the chest.
Treatment started 8-24-2006
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Case 217
This is a two year old quarter horse with a T-Post injury to the point of the
shoulder, which tore the connecting muscles.
Treatment 6-30-2010 through 8-2-2010
Case 147
This is a quarter horse with T-Post injuries to the inside of the gaskin and inside the
leg just above the hock.
Treatment started 8-24-2006
Case 201
This is a quarter horse mare with a T-Post injury to the inside of the gaskin.
Treatment started 7-12-2008
Case 178

This is a T-Post injury on the back and inside of the forearm.