Shoulder or Chest
This page contains injuries to the
Shoulder or Chest of the horse
Case 163
This horse had the Lateral Digital Extensor muscle is exposed on the lateral edge.
Treatment 9-28-2006 through 12-14-2006
Case 166
This is a minor skin wound, bandaging is the important feature in healing this wound.
The body of the muscle was not severed in this injury.
Case 105
This is a 4 year old quarter horse. He injured his shoulder when he ran into a fence
during roping training.
Treatment started 2-16-2005
Case 144
This is a twelve year old Quarter Horse gelding with a shoulder wound.
Treatment 6-27-2006 through 8-19-2006
Case 165
This is a 2 year old horse with a T-post injury to the chest.
Treatment started 8-24-2006
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Case 217
This is a two year old quarter horse with a T-Post injury to the point of the
shoulder, which tore the connecting muscles.
Treatment 6-30-2010 through 8-2-2010