Case 123
This is a Thoroughbred race horse that arrived from Kentucky after being treated for 8 months
with toe cracks in all four hooves. The most severe condition was in the right front hoof.
Treatment 2-3-2006 through 10-21-2006
Case 172
This is a quarter horse with an abscess wound in a front hoof caused by foreign object (a stick).
Treatment 10-9-2006 through 10-12-2006
This page contains injuries to
the hoof of the horse.
Case 58
This yearling was tied to a trailer and tore off the posterior (back) lateral third of
his hoof. The wound extended into the soft tissue and the lateral cartilage was
Treatment 12-30-2003 through 2-27-2003
Case 65
This is a Paint with an injury caused by the horse kicking his stall wall, resulting
in his breaking out a section of his hoof.
Treatment started 4-6-2003
Case 60
This is a 14 year-old quarter horse gelding with a wire cut involving both bulbs of
the heel.  The wire cut was down to the coronet band on the inside of the hoof and
invaded the coffin joint.
Treatment started 10-23-2005
Case 80
This is a Thoroughbred with a crack from the coronet band down on the front of
the hoof. The crack was a year old when brought to Step Ahead Farm.
Treatment started 12-22-2003
Case 96
This laceration penetrated the coffin joint on this horse's front leg. The laceration
was deep enough to penetrate the joint and sever the lateral volar nerve and
accompanying blood supply.
Treatment started 1-7-2004
Case 151
This is a quarter horse with a sloughed hoof.
Treatment 7-22-2008 through 1-4-2009
Case 182
This is Special, a 2 year old QH filly, with an apparently unrelated injury to the left
rear leg, that had a hoof separation at the coronet band of the same leg.
Treatment 9-30-2007 through 12-18-2008
Case 181
This is an AQHA barrel horse champion with a torn hoof. (View This Jet)
Treatment 9-21-2007 through 10-29-2007
Case 95
This is a two year old Thoroughbred filly with an abscess in the hoof. A pair of
standard forceps reached all the way to the coffin bone from the point of entry in
the bottom of the hoof.
Treatment 7-16-2004 through 10-26-2004
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Case 67
This is a five day old, one inch deep nail puncture to the hoof.
Treatment started 6-3-2008
Case 88
This is an arthritic Baskir Curley used in therapy work with retarded children, and is a
favorite with them. He had a 7 week old injury to the left front hoof. The hoof wall had split
just to the left of center of the front of the hoof. A farrier had laced the two sections of hoof
wall together prior to the horse coming to Step Ahead Farm.
Treatment started 5-26-2004
Case 94
This was an $18,000 roping horse that had been injured one month prior to
coming to Step Ahead Farm. The horse was purchased for $1,000 by the new owner
to prevent him from being put to sleep.
Treatment started 9-1-2007
Case 40
Thrush / Canker
This is a case of thrush that was left untreated and developed into canker.
Case 124
Thrush & Cracked Heels
This is a 6 month old situation we treated in 7 days.
Case 271

Quarter Horse with a section of hoof torn away.
Treatment 5-23-2012 through 6-11-2012