This page contains injuries to
the Hock area of the leg.
Case 113
This is a 19 year old barrel & pole horse that was referred to Step Ahead Farm after a
prognosis of 6 months of stall rest would be required prior to being put back into
training. The tendon was severed, and three inches of bone was exposed.
Treatment 8-24-2005 through 9-21-2005
Case 157
This is a reining horse with a laceration to the hock, bone exposed, avascular necrotic bone
Treatment 12-26-2006 through 10-7-2007
Case 30
This is a Two year old Thoroughbred Filly with an injury from kicking the wheel well
of a horse trailer while being shipped. The superficial flexor tendon was sheared, and
the deep flexor tendon was traumatized.
Treatment 11-1-2001 through 8-26-2002
Case 34
This is a Quarter Horse mare with an injury just below the hock. The extensor tendon
just below the hock was completely severed, the lateral digital extensor tendon was
exposed with the tendon sheath torn off the tendon.
Treatment 2-4-2002 through 12-2-2002
Case 69
This is an Appaloosa gelding with an injury at the bottom of the hock with
avascular necrotic bone, tendons exposed and damaged.
Treatment started 5-19-2003
Case 86
This is a two year old Thoroughbred colt with a laceration to the right hock with a
severed extensor tendon. This colt also severed the saphenous vein.  
Treatment 2-10-2007 through 3-18-2007
Case 92
This is a barrel horse that severed his extensor tendon at the hock level.
Treatment started 1-13-2004
Case 106
This is a four year old Thoroughbred filly with 8 month old hock injuries.
She arrived at Step Ahead Farm after 8 months of treatment with Robert Jones
Treatment 2-1-2005 through 12-26-2005
Case 154
This is a case from Bangor, PA. We were contacted in November regarding this
situation, and worked as a consultation from that point.
Treatment 2-24-2005 through 12-8-2005
Case 185
This is an 18 year old Thoroughbred Broodmare, a Referral case from DR. Tilley,
DVM. She had a laceration that had completely opened the front face of the left
rear hock joint and severed (or ruptured) the attachment of the Peronius Tertius
ligament and both the upper and lower tarsal joints were exposed and penetrated.
Treatment 2-4-2008 through 3-20-2008
Case 201 A
This is a Quarter Horse mare with a wound on the front left hock. (Note that this
mare also has a gaskin injury, case 201)
Treatment 7-21-2008 through 11-22-2008
Case 211
This is a 3 yo Fox Trotter filly that was caught in a forked tree when rolling out in
the pasture. She had three injuries, Two were in the cannon bone area. One, on the
back of the leg,  is from pressure necrosis.
The other was a laceration, with exposed
bone and tendon on the front of the leg just below the hock. The other injury was
also a pressure necrosis injury, on the back of the fetlock.
Treatment 10-20-2009 through 4-9-2010
Case 215
This is a Quarter Horse with a de-gloving injury, involving exposed bone and lacerated and torn
tendons. This was a consultation case, treated by the owner, who is a nurse.
Treatment 3-4-2010 through 8-15-2010
Case 31
This is a 2 year old Paint Filly that jumped a fence and got caught halfway across.
Right Hock - Torn extensor tendon, 12.15 cm long 7.4 cm wide
Left Hock - Pressure injury, originally skin deep
Treatment 11-30-2001 through 8-18-2002
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Case 220
This is a Thoroughbred gelding with an injury to the hock, extending down the
cannon. This injury involved 4 inches of exposed bone, severed tendons and
severed saphenous vein.
Treatment 7-19-2010 through 9-17-2010
Case 225
This is a retired Thoroughbred gelding with an injury to the upper cannon
bone - lower hock, that involved a piece of avascular necrotic bone.
Treatment 7-26-2010 through 8-13-2010
Case 115
This is a Quarter Horse from Oklahoma with a smooth wire wound to the hock. All
the anterior tendons were severed, the saphenous vein was severed, and the  bone
was exposed, and there was some swelling present.
Treatment 10-3-2005 through 11-15-2005
Case 54
Thoroughbred with a 6 month old injury, avascular
necrotic bone removed surgically.
Treatment started 9-10-2002
Case 36
Revitalizing and treating a wound that was previously treated in a
hyperbolic oxygen chamber.
Treatment started 7-23-2002