This page contains injuries to
the Head of the horse.
Case 133
This is a yearling Paint colt with a laceration to the left side of the jaw. Prior to
arriving at Step Ahead, the wound was sewn up twice after injury, but not bandaged.
The patient was referred to us because the owner had attended a 4-H club meeting
on how to bandage difficult areas on the horse.
Treatment 4-11-2006 through 5-5-2006
Case 175
This yearling had developed a draining sinus for two months after being sold through a sale
barn. The cause of these erupting sinuses were never determined.
Treatment 4-16-2005 through 4-20-2005
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Case 235
This is Buddy, a 7 month old paint colt with a deep laceration to the face, extending from just
below the left eye to just above the right nostril. Buddy's injury involved exposed bone and
lacerated / severed muscle tissue.
Treatment 10-22-2010 through 11-26-2010