This page contains injuries to
the Gaskin area of the horse.
Case 148
This is Affable, a Thoroughbred Stallion, with a laceration to the inside gaskin/stifle
Treatment 2-2-2006 through 2-19-2006
Case 154
This is a case from Bangor, PA. We were contacted in November regarding this
situation, and worked as a consultation from that point.
Treatment 2-24-2005 through 12-8-2005
Case 201
This is a Quarter Horse mare with a wound on the upper inside gaskin area.
(Note, this mare also has a hock injury, case 201A)
Treatment 7-12-2008 through 11-22-2008
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Case 147
This is a quarter horse with T-Post injuries to the inside of the gaskin and inside the
leg just above the hock.
Treatment started 8-24-2006