This page contains injuries to
the Forearm area of the leg.
Case 68
This is a quarter horse with a de-gloving wound above the left knee.
Treatment started 7-23-2003
Case 91
This is a five year old Arab/Walker mare with a de-gloving injury above the knee.
Treatment started 7-30-2004
Case 100
This was a combination of a home consultation and on site at Step Ahead Farm case.
This horse had a laceration at the top of the knee on the upper lateral (outside) of the
knee with a severed common digital extensor tendon.
Treatment 8-11-2006 through 9-11-2006
Case 134
This is a Paint barrel horse referred to Step Ahead Farm that arrived nine days after the injury. The
extensor carpi radialis was totally exposed along with the full width of the tissue over the knee. The
wound had a depth of approximately three and a half inches.
April 28, 2006
Case 159
This horse arrived with a one day old de-gloving fence wound. The skin flap was separated
down below the intercarpal joint level and bone was exposed, but the extensor tendon
was not cut.
Treatment 2-15-2007 through 4-19-2007
Case 163
This horse had the Lateral Digital Extensor muscle is exposed on the lateral edge.
Treatment 9-28-2006 through 12-14-2006
Case 166
This is a minor skin wound, bandaging is the important feature in healing this wound.
The body of the muscle was not severed in this injury.
Case 170
This is a Quarter Horse referred to Step Ahead Farm from Oklahoma with a laceration of
the muscle head of common digital extensor forearm to the bone, which was exposed.
Treatment 4-11-2007 through 6-24-2007
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Case 87
This is a 17 year old quarter horse with a de-gloving injury just above the knee,
with a severed extensor carpi radialis tendon and 2 1/2 inches of exposed bone.
Treatment 1-14-2004 through 2-26-2004
Case 253
This is a quarter horse gelding with a laceration of the forearm down to the bone
almost at shoulder level. All of the muscles and ligaments on the anterior portion of
the leg severed down to the bone.
Case 178

This is a T-Post injury on the back and inside of the forearm.
Case 280
This is a 9 year old Arabian mare with lacerations to both forearms. The left forearm
involves exposed bone and severed muscle, tendons and nerve.