This laceration penetrated the coffin joint on this horse's front leg. Lacerum gel was flushed into the joint utilizing a
plastic tube.
The laceration was deep enough to penetrate the joint and sever the lateral volar nerve and accompanying blood supply.

Important Points:
This horse remained lame for 90 days.
He was given pain medication and IV antibiotic therapy.
He was on stall rest for 60 days.
After 60 days, with the wound closed, he was on free range pasture exercise.
A small portion of the hoof at the rear of the wound was detached, constant farrier care was important.
The white tissue shown in day 6 photo is placental tissue.

This horse is now sound, on no medications, and returned to his job as a riding horse.
Treatment started 1-7-2004
Day 1                                           Day 2                                            Day 6
Day 11                                             Day 18                                      Day 23
Day 24                                              Healed
Case 96
Pastern / Bulb of Heel /
Coronet Injury
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