This is a two year old Thoroughbred filly with an abscess in the hoof.
A pair of standard forceps reached all the way to the coffin bone from the point of entry in the bottom of the hoof .
This horse was treated at Step Ahead Farm for 45 days.
The treatment consisted of flooding the wound site with platelet rich gel, cotton packed into the hole. This was
repeated four times, every third day. After the fourth day the hole no longer had drainage. (Picture 3)
A tube was placed into the hole, hoof bandaged with a clear, protective pad with the tube running out along the
hoof to the back and up along the back of the hoof. Flushing the wound through the tube was done every other day.
By utilizing a clear protective pad on the hoof, it was possible to monitor the results of the flushing. (Picture 5)
Eventually a protective shoe was applied. (Picture 6)
This filly returned to sound performance level.
Treatment 7-16-2004 through 10-26-2004
Case 95
Abscess / Hoof Injury
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