Roping Horse from Texas
This was an $18,000 roping horse that had been injured one month prior to coming to Step Ahead Farm.
The horse was purchased for $1,000 by the new owner to prevent him from being put to sleep, and supported by the
premise that we had healed a barrel horse for the new owner that had a lacerated tendon in the hock that was back
performing in two months.

Important note:
We healed the hoof laceration without incident but the horse refused to put his heel to the ground.
(When being backed up, walked forward, pain blocked with lidocaine or put on the hot walker for an hour)
We sent the horse home with instructions that if he did not begin to use his hoof correctly in two months of being
turned out to pasture, that he should be taken to the university for further diagnostic work or put to sleep.

Miracles do happen.

The owner called the next morning after returning with the horse to Texas and reported that the horse was putting his
hoof down flat.
I took issue with this opinion and asked for pictures. The horse continued to improve and I visited him in Texas one
month later.
I observed what had been reported by the owner as being actual fact.

The horse was later sold and has returned to roping. It is my opinion that the adhesions that had built up from the
lacerated tendon were broken down when the owner loaded the horse in the trailer and from the movement during the
trip home.
Treatment started 9-1-2007
Case 94
Bulb of Heel /
Coronet / Hoof Injury
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