Thoroughbred Broodmare - injured leg in the pasture and was referred to Step Ahead Farm from Iowa. The wound was
two weeks old at arrival. She stayed at Step Ahead Farm for about 5 1/2 months. Infection was not a problem, but
dealing with the granulation overgrowth and cellulitis was challenging.

On day one when this horse arrived, she had both exposed bone and exposed tendons. Another great concern is if we
are going to get a cellulitis development which is much harder to deal with than granulation tissue overgrowth.

Day 19 - Horse chewed on the wound. Don't be shy about using a cradle and bib ! Placental tissue was applied, which
helps the granulation tissue to mature more quickly and promotes faster wound healing.

Day 30 - the swelling of the leg is due to cellulitis.

Day 31 - there is no longer any exposed bone. The epithelial border is well started.

Day 47 - mature granulation bed, will no longer tend to overgrow at this point in healing.

Treatment 7-17-2004 through 12-31-2004
Day 1
Day 5
Day 3
Day 19
Day 8
Day 47
Day 30
Day 54
Day 60
Day 84
A picture of the mare's foal she
had along side while in treatment.
Case 93
Cannon / Knee /
Fetlock Injury
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