This is a $25,000 barrel horse that severed his extensor tendon at the hock level.
Past experience has convinced us that removing enough of the severed end of the tendon allows the granulation bed
to form a complete closed surface at the tendon site. This procedure was done on Day 11.
For the first 14 days, an occlusive bandage was applied until the granulation tissue reached skin level.
Days 14 - 21 - A wet to dry bandage utilizing Wound Wash was employed until the horse went home on Day 28.
The owner applied Eclipse Ointment around the epithelial boarder. As a result of the combined treatments, they
achieved a more cosmetic healing and a horse that was able to return to performance.
Treatment started 1-13-2004
Day 11                                              Day 21                                              Day 23
Day 38                                              Day 60                                             Day 60
Day 80                               Final Day at Step Ahead Farm          Final Day at Step Ahead Farm
Completely Healed and Winning !
Case 92
Hock Injury
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