This is a five year old Arab/Walker mare with a de-gloving injury.

The problem:
How to grow tissue over a moving part of the body where tissue is constantly stretched. This requires a bandage that
does not immobilize the limb and allows maximum flexion during rehabilitation.

Day 16 - Placental Tissue was implemented to augment development of granulation tissue.
Days 61 & 75 - Note the size difference in the wound documented by the use of the clear chart.
Final Day at Step Ahead - Note the wide, healthy epithelial border.

Critical Points of this case:
Granulation bed was slow to develop. (due to constant movement)
Since wound is slightly above the knee, a nice epithelial border develops and leads to a very cosmetic healing.
If you continue to treat wounds long enough, with the right products (excluding caustic materials), a cosmetic result can
be achieved.
Treatment started 7-30-2004
Day 1                                            Day 4                                          Day 13
Day 75                        Final Day at Step Ahead Farm                     One Year
Day 49                                            Day 61                                           Day 75
Day 16                                           Day 16                                        Day 32
Case 91
Forearm / Knee Injury
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