This is a two year old Thoroughbred Filly who was injured on a metal feed trough. She had injuries on both the inside
and the outside of the same leg.
Significant Points of these wounds:
Puss discharge under the granulation bed shown on outside right leg, day 31: This is a sure sign of avascular necrotic
bone - symptoms of avascular necrotic bone are that the bone appears whiter than normal, and the granulation tissue
will overgrow the bone but will not adhere to the bone, which proved true in this case. Permanent discharge
accompanies what looks like a healed area unless treated.
There is a less than desirable cosmetic healing of the wound area on this filly due to the filly chewing on the granulation
Final pictures of this filly were taken just before she was shipped to New Jersey to continue training, and she's now
racing successfully.

Treatment started 6-23-2004

Before & After
Outside Wound
Day 1                                           Day 3                                          Day 3
Day 7                                             Day 10                                      Day 14
Day 16                                         Day 19                                         Day 19
Day 21                                         Day 24                                          Day 24
Day 26                                          Day 26                                        Day 28
Day 31                 Day 31 - symptoms of avascular necrotic bone   Outside Wound Healed
Inside Wound
Day 1                                            Day 10                                         Day 12
Day 19                                Day 26 Injecting Gel                                Day 26
Day 28                                                 Day 28                            Inside Wound Healed
Outside Wound
Inside Wound
Case 90
Cannon Area Injury
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