This is a three year old Paint Stud that had to be cut out of a steel cattle guard where he had his foot entangled.  
The Heat transfer from the cutting torch to the steel rail caused second and third degree burns to the under side of the
right front leg.
Growth Factor Therapy total 41 days with six Lacerum treatments.

Note the 1 inch+ growth of epithelial border already developed on day 31.

One of the notable changes in this injury was after the second treatment with platelet derived growth factor gel, the
soreness in the wound was greatly reduced.
This reality has been reproduced during the following 10 years since this injury was treated.

NOTE: Burns and pressure necrosis both heal differently than regular cut wounds.

Treatment 10-18-2000 through 12-1-2000
Day 13
Day 5
Day 1
Day 18
Day 18
Day 13
Day 21
Day 13
Day 13
Day 60
Day 50
Day 31
Day 92
Case 9
Fetlock / Pastern /
Coronet Injury
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