Case 88
Hoof Injury
This is an arthritic Baskir Curley used in therapy work with retarded children, and is a favorite with them. He
came to Step Ahead Farm with a 7 week old injury to the left front hoof. The hoof wall had split just to the left
of center of the front of the hoof. A farrier had laced the two sections of hoof wall together prior to the horse
coming to Step Ahead Farm.
The coronet band was damaged, there was a horizontal crack all the way around from the front crack to the
outside back of the hoof, and new hoof was growing straight out from the top of the hoof. Grady Hawthorn was
called in for specialist farrier work.
Maintaining moisture at the site was an important part of re-growing this hoof.

Treatment started 5-26-2004
Day 1 - After removing the shoe, it was found that the lower part of the crack extended into the hoof 3/4",
and the entire side of the hoofwall could be moved with fingers. Once the wires were removed, the entire
side section of the hoofwall fell off, however, new hoofwall and sole had already begun to grow under the
detached section.
After trimming the excess growth at the coronet band, it was found that there was only a small point of
detachment, and under where the new wall was growing outward, there was also new hoofwall growing
down under the detached section.
The hoof was treated with lacerum gel, set on a foam board cushion to give the coffin bone extra support
and wrapped with powerflex wrap. A cushion was also placed on the opposite hoof to balance the length
and to protect the hoof bearing the majority of the weight at this point.
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Day 4 - The cornet band is looking better, hoping for
more correct growth from the coronet band. There is
a crack under the new growth at the coronet band.
Treatment with a protein wash, and wrapped with
lacerum gel.
Day 8 - Good wall growing from
the coronet band. A small
amount of proud flesh growing at
the bottom edge of the hoof. The
new sole has hardened to normal
texture. He still keeps pressure off
this hoof.
Day 18 - The upper section of the exposed sensitive lamina has hardened, still soft on the lower section.
There is 1.8cm inch new growth from the coronet band down.
Day 23 - Still reluctant to put
pressure on this hoof. There is
now a 2.3cm new growth from
the coronet band down.
Day 42 - 4.55mm new growth from the coronet band down. One spot on the outer cornet that is still
soft, possibly an abscess. The horse was put on antibiotics.
Day 45 - Abscess broke open at
the coronet band and drained.
Day 57 - Note that the new hoof wall
has grown halfway down the hoof.
Day 68 - New hoof wall has reached 3/4 of the way down the hoof. Grady Hawthorn returned
and completed a full trim on the hoof.
Day 74 - Measured growth from
the coronet band down is 5.84cm.
The horse is showing a marked
improvement in walking.
Day 133 - Feeling much better !
Day 140
Before                &                After