Case 87
Knee / Forearm Injury
This is a 17 year old quarter horse with a de-gloving injury just above the knee,
with a severed extensor carpi radialis tendon and 2 1/2 inches of exposed bone.

Treatment 1-14-2004 through 2-26-2004
Day 1 - The lower section of severed tendon was removed to prevent it anchoring in the granulation bed. The
healing time on this injury was greatly reduced due to the immediate response of the owner in getting it treated.
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Day 5 - Pulled the flap of skin back into place to use it as
a shield to help maintain the medications at the bone
surface. No attempt to suture this wound was made.
Day 11 - A wedge pad was employed to alleviate strain
at the wound site in an effort to prevent the wound
from being pulled apart. An occlusive bandage with a
knee-high cover was used to allow some flexibility while
keeping the wound site clean.
Day 27 - At this stage, the granulation bed has anchored to the corresponding
tissues in the leg. The yellow surface of the wound indicates that we may be
dealing with an organism resistant to the wound wash.
Day 16 -  Beginning to concentrate on preventing
granulation overgrowth by removing the scab. At
this stage, treatment was employed every other day.
Day 44 - Even though this horse's knee is enlarged, we anticipate that it will contract down. Due to financial
considerations, the horse went home on this date for the owner to continue treatment. We have no further
updates on this case.
Day 40 - At this stage, we are no longer concerned with granulation overgrowth,
and concentrate on growing  an epithelial border using lacerum ointment.
Exercise and flexing the knee was the therapy recommended to the owner.