Case 82
This was a 30 day old wound from Linden, TX that started with a small cut. It was referred by two vets, as an
undiagnosed situation. The first contact we had regarding this horse was an e-mail from the owner who sent two
accompanying pictures (2009-07-31 01 (Day 30) and we were able to establish a diagnosis based on the history and the
picture. The owner was told that the tentative diagnosis was pythiosis and the owner decided to bring the horse to
Step Ahead Farm for treatment.
Upon arrival, owner was shown pythiosis
case #73 from 2002 and made two interesting comments about his

(1)        That the skin would hang down over the inside tissue which had been eaten away (which indicated that the
skin is more resistant than the underlying tissue),
(2)        "It looked like the hide with hair tried to grow back in the middle of the wound.”

I showed him pictures that the same thing had happened where we had epithelial growth totally separate from the
epithelial border of the wound—It is my opinion that this results from epithelial cells being transferred from the
epithelial border and acting as a skin graft.

The horse went home the end of September, the owner was going to continue treatment. Six months later, we were
sent word that the horse had been put down.

This horse was treated with an antigen procured from Dr. Mendoza at Michigan State who developed the antigen.

Leonel Mendoza (developed the antigen)
Michigan State University
Medic al Technology Program

Bob Glass (antigen available from this lab)
Pan American Veterinary Labs
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Sept 8, 2009
Sept 10, 2009
Sept 21, 2009