Thoroughbred with a crack from the coronet band down on the front of the hoof.
Crack was a year old when brought to Step Ahead Farm.


The hoof wall was removed to the sensitive lamina at the crack site.

Opening was filled with cotton which was saturated with Lacerum, covered with an occlusive bandage and
then wrapped in Vet Wrap.

Farrier work was done by Travis Anderson, one of four brothers whom are all farriers and who's father
runs a farrier school in Miles City, Montana.

Day 27 - healing started at coronet level. Once healing starts at the coronet band, the pain associated with
the crack is greatly reduced. This is why we recommend that platelet derived growth factor be used.

Essentially, the healing took one year. On occasion, we have grown an entire hoof back in this same time
period. The winning picture demonstrates the fact that the work was successful, and the final picture
shows that there was no permanent damage resulting from the long term injury. Most quarter cracks
don't heal because adequate hoof removal and anti-fungal therapy is not utilized in the healing process.

Treatment started 12-22-2003
Day 1
Day 4 Showing Treatment
Day 27 Showing sealing of opening with access to medicate at top.
Day 17
Day 150
Compare location of last section of crack.
Two Years after start.
Case 80 Final
Another successful
1 1/2 Years
One Year
Case 80
Hoof / Quarter Crack Injury
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