Mare with laceration on the back of the knee, complicated by pythiosis.
This mare's leg continued to heal and a surgical effort was made to trim the infected tissue out 3/4 inch into healthy
tissue. This was followed by three injections of a ID serum using 1/2 cc per injection. The wound began to reduce in
size and the mare was sent home.

Contact information for the antigen used to treat the Pythiosis

Bob Glass (antigen available from this lab)
Pan American Veterinary Labs

Leonel Mendoza (developed the antigen)
Michigan State University
Medical Technology Program

Side Note: This mare was in foal, and delivered a healthy baby.
Treatment started 11-20-2003
Day 60
Day 33
Day 14
Day 1
Day 90
Day 70
Case 73
Knee Injury
with Pythiosis
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