This is a 2 year old Thoroughbred colt with a de-gloving wound above the
left knee. This injury included two inches of exposed bone and  the
extensor tendon was cut.

Treatment started 7-23-2003

Before                &                After
Day 3
Day 1
Day 13
Day 10
Day 4
Day 21
Day 19
Day 53
Day 31
Case 68
Forearm / Knee Injury
On day 4, the granulation tissue was overgrown
at the bottom of the wound site.
By Day 10, all granulation tissue had reached skin level.
On Day 13, the bone was completely covered by
granulation tissue. Concern is that the cut tendon may
have anchored in the granulation bed of the lower area
of the sound site.
On Day 19, the horse began chewing on
the wound site and a bib and cradle were
employed to prevent this from occurring.
On Day 21, the overgrown granulation
tissue with the end of the cut tendon
were trimmed back.
Day 31 shows the granulation tissue
maturing after trimming. Note that the
horse stopped attempting to chew on the
wound after it had been trimmed.
Day 53 shows the
granulation bed
matured, the
epithelial border well
started and the light
bandage employed.
Day 64 - Final Day
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