This wound was caused by the horse kicking his stall wall, resulting in his breaking out a section of his hoof.
The horse was treated at Step Ahead Farm for 28 days.

Significant Points:
Hoof healed in a circular fashion instead of healing from the top down. This process has been noted on other similar
The wound was cleaned with Eclipse Wound Wash.
Lacerum Gel was applied four times, every third day.
There was no blemish in the hoof wall after healing.

The final picture was sent by the horse owner.

*Day 16 shows the coronary band growing from both the left and right.

Treatment started 4-6-2003
Day 1                                           Day 8                                           Day 16
Day 16                                          Day 21                                          Day 28
Day 28                                           Day 35                                           Healed
Case 65 Photo Layout
Case 65
Hoof Injury
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Before                &                After