Case 63
White Line in the Hoof
A common misconception is that white line disease is white. It is located in the white line of the hoof
(where horse shoe nails go), but is black in color. In this case, this horse also had a case of thrush well
developed in one hoof, and present in the other hooves.
In treating horses with thrush or white line disease, we first have one of our farriers trim the hooves,
cleaning out as much of the fungus as possible. We then treat the hooves with Lacerum Wound Wash. In the
cases with deep holes, we will saturate cotton with Lacerum Wound Wash and pack it into the holes.
Usually only one treatment is needed to eliminate the fungus.
This is the right front hoof. Note that even after trimming, black coloration still present along the white line,
which indicates a fungal and bacterial infection. Also note that in this hoof Thrush has developed along the sulci
(sides) and central (bottom) of the frog.
Click on the photos to enlarge the view.
These are the back hooves, both white line and thrush present in both hooves. Note that white line disease is
also present in all the nail holes. Does it not follow that these contaminated holes can develop into the same
situation that is present in the toe of the top right hoof ?
Two sprays of Lacerum Wound Wash could go a long way in preventing this situation from spreading.
As this horse presented us with the opportunity, we would like to add a note from one of our farriers:

Note in the first picture that you can drop a straight line along the side of the leg from the center of the knee
down through the center of the fetlock to the back of the shoe or back of the hoof if barefoot. This is proper
In the second picture note that using the same line, the fetlock is behind the line.
In the third picture, the properly trimmed and shoe hoof steps forward in a straight line, landing flat at each
In the fourth picture, the improperly trimmed and shod hoof crosses in front of the opposite leg, and lands side
and toe first, putting strain on the hoof wall, tendons and ligaments of the hoof and leg.