This is a 14 year-old quarter horse gelding with a wire cut involving both bulbs of the heel.  The wire cut was
down to the coronet band on the inside of the hoof and invaded the coffin joint.  Heroic efforts were put forth to
save the hoof.  The patient began to walk on his foot after 70-days.
The leg began to swell so much that there was a great concern that circulation was being affected, so the hoof
was grooved at the top to allow for expansion and to relieve some of the pressure. We were not able to determine
whether this procedure was effective, but the hoof did not slough off.

Important Note: Our experience is that any time you have joint invasion on this level then you have to anticipate
non-weight bearing lameness for 60 - 75 days.

Treatment started 10-23-2005
Case 60
Bulb of Heel /
Coronet / Hoof Injury
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Before                &                After