This yearling was tied to a trailer and tore off the posterior (back) lateral third of his hoof.
The wound extended into the soft tissue.
The lateral cartilage was exposed (Day 7 Picture)
Platelet Rich Plasma was the primary treatment utilized.
On two occasions Acell was applied to coronary band under the belief that it would help
differentiate the coronary band cells.
The hoof had grown back to shoe level on day 57.
Histology from LSU verified that this was hoof tissue.
Treatment 12-30-2003 through 2-27-2003
Day 1                                           Day 7                                          Day 19
Day 26                                         Day 38                                        Day 47
Day 56                       Final Day at Step Ahead Farm
Case 58
Bulb of Heel / Hoof Injury
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