Six year old thoroughbred mare - multiple track winner.
Three week old untreated wound upon arrival on 4/2/08. Complete laceration of deep flexor tendon, the tendon was torn
loose on the lower end - left rear leg.  
Tetanus toxoid administered by owner. Purulent discharge with wound openings on both sides of the leg, larger wound
on lateral side.
Distal end of the lacerated tendon was protruding outside the wound cavity. Low grade cellulitis.

Distal end of protruding deep flexor tendon was removed and sent to lab for biopsy verification that it was, in fact,
tendon tissue.  The mare was treated with platelet rich plasma gel. No antibiotic therapy was administered.
Treatment administered every third day. The mare was sent home on 4/22/08 with leg wound bandaged & trainer told to
treat healing edge with lacerum ointment.
The mare stayed at trainer's farm for one month, but due to her energetic fence line running, she was returned to the
track where she could be in controlled training and bedded in a stall. After the mare ran away with the gallop boy and
ran 5/8 of a mile, the trainer had her ultrasounded at Iowa State University. The trainer was advised that the healing
was not yet complete and that she should have extended R&R.  This mare was never lame and won races one year later.
Treatment 4-2-2008 through 4-22-2008
Day 9
Day 8
Day 1
Day 20
Case 57
Fetlock Injury
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