Case 54
Hock / Cannon Area Injury
This is a thoroughbred with a 6 month old wound, that would not heal.
The horse was brought to Step Ahead Farm, and surgery was performed on the hock. A 9cm x 3cm piece of
Avascular Necrotic Bone and a piece of Extensor tendon end 2cm x 3cm were removed.
By day 25, the wound had healed to a completely closed granulation bed with an epithelial border starting to
By day 66, the wound had a mature granulation bed, had reduced in size by half, and the horse was sent home
for the owner to continue the final treatments.
Avascular Necrotic
Bone & Tendon End
Removed in surgery.
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Day 4
Day 9
Day 20
Day 25
Day 66