3 year old Tb filly with a laceration on the lower neck along the line of the shoulder.
This horse was injured in Iowa at the race track. The wound was sutured at Iowa State Vet School and then
shipped here. Our primary treatment was the bottom three stitches had opened up, and there was a drainage so
we could run a 20 inch tube up to the top of the wound and inject our gel inside the top of the wound and then
massage the entire wound assuring complete interior coverage.
Note at day 11 there is a bump - that was a festering abscess at the top of the wound. Antibiotics were injected
directly into this elevated area.
Note on day 22, there is no discharge and no bump.
the mare began to use her leg normally at this time.
This mare was returned to training here at the farm, and went on to win three races and has since had two foals.

Treatment started 10-15-2003
Day 11
Day 25
Day 210
Day 22
Day 3
Day 1
Before & After
Case 42
Neck Injury
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