Case 38
Cannon Area Injury
This is Memory, a 2 year old Appaloosa Halter Horse with a 4 month old wound on the cannon. This filly
was in the 10 ten as a weanling and took second place in a show with this injury, just prior to arriving at
Step Ahead Farm. The injury had been sewn up initially, and had broken open, and had been treated with
caustic materials in an effort to control overgrowth. The injury was 7.3 centimeters by 3.16 centimeters
wide on arrival.
Day 1 - Treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma in an effort to revitalize the tissue in order to stimulate
epithelial border growth. There does not appear to be any tendon involvement with this injury.
Day 14 - Tissue has revitalized,
and epithelial border has
started to develop.
Day 22
Day 34 - granulation bed
and scarring now at skin
Day 42 - Won her class and then
won grand champion getting 5
national points at a national show
in Mississippi, with injury still
showing on her cannon.
Measured 1.7 centimeters long and
1/8 centimeter wide on this day.
Day 60
This turned out to be a very cosmetic
healing to a wound that had been
insulted with caustic materials.

This is proof of the results attainable by
using platelet derived growth factors to
initiate the blood supply in an area that
is notorious for being slow to heal.

This horse went on to win at Pine Bluff
and is continuing her career as a
champion halter horse.
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