Day 215 - The injury is completely closed. Note the new skin is black when healed, and the new hair
growth is the correct color. This injury will continue to contract to normal size, and will end up with
very little if any scaring.
The owner is riding the mare, showing sound at walk trot and canter.
Day 1 Photos
Day 15
Day 41 Photos
Day 51
Day 95 Photos
Day 100
Day 118
Day 160 Photos
Day 215 Photos
Day 1 - This is a Quarter Horse mare, with an injured left rear cannon area wound just below the hock. The
extensor tendon just below the hock was completely severed, the lateral digital extensor tendon was exposed
with the tendon sheath torn off the tendon. This mare's hoof did not flop upward when walking, which indicated
that the extensor tendon was still intact. Nerve sensation appeared to be good near the injury, but due to
extensive tissue damage, circulation was a concern. Other than occasional knuckling over, this mare showed no
sign of lameness.
Day 4 - Discovered that the lateral digital extensor tendon was torn. The decision was to not remove the excess
live tissue. In our experience, this tissue heals itself both mechanically and cosmetically.
Treatment 2-4-2002 through 12-2-2002
Day 15 - Note there is already a nice granulation bed forming, but avascular necrotic bone forming was a
possibility. Circulation appeared to be functioning better than expected.
Day 20 - Platelet Rich Plasma was applied.
Day 41 - A small piece of avascular necrotic bone was shedded. Note the healthy granulation bed formed
under the bone chip, this tissue is not infected.
Day 59 - Granulation bed has developed up to skin level, amniotic sac with platelet poor plasma was
Day 95 - Healthy skin well started, area has shrunk down to near normal size.
Day 118 - Wound is closing well, epithelial boarder developing. NOTE* We have found that in horses of
dilute colors (dun, buckskin, palomino, etc.) the epithelial boarder development is slower than in darker
colored horses.
Day 160 - Note the nice epithelial boarder growing around the edges of the wound.
Day 193 - Wound is completely closed, strong epithelial boarder developed, and the healed skin shows
every sign of returning to cosmetically correct condition.
Case 34
Cannon Area Injury
Before                &                After
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