Case 31
Hock Injury
This is a 2 year old Paint Filly that jumped a fence and got caught halfway across.
Right Hock - Torn extensor tendon, 12.15 cm long 7.4 cm wide
Left Hock - Pressure injury, originally skin deep

Treatment 11-30-2001 through 8-18-2002
Day 1 - Filly was put on antibiotics for three days and bute for pain.
Before                 &                After
Right Leg
Both Legs
Day 9 - Right leg - Granulation bed started.
Left leg - Skin sloughing off.
Still on bute for pain.
Day 12 - Right leg has a complete granulation bed although not yet at skin level. The filly continuously
tries to chew the wounds so a bib was employed. Stopped pain medications.
Right Leg
Left Leg
Day 20 - Right leg - Granulation bed at skin level.
Left leg - epithelial border started.
Day 29 - Right leg -  epithelial border started. The filly still tries to chew on the wounds.
Day 32 - Right leg - Note irregular surface at top of wound from chewing.
Left leg - Epithelial border growing around entire edge of wound.
Day 42 - Right leg -
Epithelial border
around entire wound.
Left leg - Good epithelial
border starting to grow
over wound.
Day 48 - Right leg - Wound left open for 7 days, a deficit in the upper area of
the wound developed, in the same are where the torn tendon was located.
Left leg - Concern with surface of the
granulation bed, tissue appears to be dying.
Day 57 - The filly is turned out every day in the round pen for exercise.
The deficit has closed over, with only a small spot left.
Day 85 - Right leg - granulation
bed now has a smooth surface,
and the epithelial border is
again growing.
Left leg - This wound hasn't been treated since
day 60, and the filly started chewing on this
wound which damaged the granulation bed.
Left leg - Good epithelial border, but wound has grown in size,
and granulation bed is above skin level and hock is enlarged.
Day - 101 Right leg -  Epithelial
tissue starting to grow over
granulation bed.
Day 116 - Right leg - A split
appeared on inside edge, 1/2 deep.
Possibly from lying down and
stressing the wound site. The left
leg has a small split on the outer
Day 123 - Right leg - Split has
closed in with granulation tissue,
but not yet at the same level as
the rest of the wound site.
LF Small split closed in with granulation tissue.
Day 126 - Right leg - The granulation tissue where
the split was has died and sloughed off, the wound
has spread in width. the wound on the left leg has
also spread in width.
Day 132 - Right leg - A new split
has appeared at top edge of
wound that crosses epithelial
border. There is additional
swelling in this leg and the filly
is sore on this leg.
Day 151 - Right leg - One small crack
that has not  yet closed in.
Day 161 - Right leg - The
granulation bed is very smooth
and down to skin level. The
epithelial border is growing
over the wound surface.
Left leg - The wound has contracted back down to skin level.
Right Leg
Left Leg
Day 216 - Wounds continue to contract, expect hair growth along edges, and only minor scarring.
Left Leg
Right Leg
Day 230
Both Legs
Left Leg
Right Leg
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