Annie's Sister Ida - 2 Year Old Thoroughbred Filly

Injury from kicking the wheel well of a horse trailer while being shipped.
The superficial flexor tendon was sheared, and the deep flexor tendon was traumatized.
The tendons were damaged, but the horse was never extremely lame.

Granulation bed was 5 inches wide and 13 inches long.

She was put back in training at day 87 and this reduced the cosmetic effects of healing due to being washed after
exercise. The edges of the wound became greatly thickened.

She was sent home and the owner turned her out for two months. She was returned to Step Ahead Farm lame on day
283, it was discovered that her body had organized all the latent infection and it had broken open and drained.
Treated with platelet rich plasma. Two weeks later she was completely sound and sent to trainer. She ran for 3rd at
Lone Star in her first race and then won at Oaklawn racetrack.

This leg was ultrasounded at Oaklawn, and was found to be normal.

Watch Annie win after this injury at the bottom of the page !

Treatment 11-1-2001 through 8-26-2002
Day 17
Day 11
Day 7
Day 1
Day 24
Day 24
Day 21
Day 20
Day 69
Day 60
Day 35
Day 32
Day 290
Day 283
Day 206
Day 86
Three Years Later
One Year Later
8 Months After Injury
Day 290
Case 30
Cannon Area / Hock Injury
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Before                &                After

2/26/2011 - Annie's foal (pictured above) has won her first race !