Case 280
Forearm Injuries
This is Ms. Daisy, a 9 year old Arabian mare brought to us 7-09-12. The injury had occurred on July 4, 2012.
After we treated the horse and instructed the owners on the treatment and bandaging, the owners took the
horse home to continue treatment.
There were two injury locations, at the top front of both forearms.
The right forearm was lacerated, but not very deep. There was a lymph or synovial fluid leak close to the bottom
of this wound.
The left forearm was lacerated to bone level, severing muscle, tendon and nerve. The horse had difficulty
moving this leg, especially in bringing it forward.
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Day 1 - July 9,2012
The wounds were cleaned, debrided, treated and bandaged using stage 1 bandaging.
The owners are experenced horse owners, and after watching our work, decided that they could perform the needed
work and elected to treat the injuries at home.
Day 13: July 17th….New photos sent to Dr. Jolly…. I saw an amazing healing process and granulation over the past 2
days! I believe it is due to the bandage being on constantly without her tearing it off… She has stopped chewing on
the bandages…. I replaced the leg netting but kept a homemade belly band made out of a sports wrap (ace bandage)
…. I cut holes in the wrap and put it over her back behind her withers…The sports wrap won’t slip because it is the
self sticking kind….so it lays on her back nicely. I then made a chest strap as well which keeps the bandage from
slipping around to the side… The bandage is tied to the two sports wraps and stays on as long as she does not chew
it….without slippage. We have learned that with a walking horse, instead of a paddock bound horse the bandages
slip much more. We have found that a loose dressing is better…..With keeping the dressing loose it can move up
and down freely and as long as the gauze pad and diaper are large enough to cover the wound whether it slips up or
down….it still stays covered and is very effective. So the use of netting and/or pantyhose is working very well….
Netting lasts longer of course, but in a pinch we have used pantyhose and cut the legs off and used one side of the
panty tying a knot on the other side. It is stronger than the leg piece of the hose but not as strong as netting…

Today (July 18/Day 14) I really see a big difference in the wound. I see new growth and less red in the wound. I will
have to come by maybe Friday if it is OK, to get more Lacerum….. I could not have done this without you! If you
want to publish my remarks on your website, that is ok with us…. I just wanted you to know how wonderful I feel
since we have been treating Ms. Daisy “your” way. To think that we thought we would have to put her down and
now she is doing so well! The first 4-5 days she could hardly walk, she would drag her foot…now she is literally
running on it! When we sees the feed bucket, she runs across the yard! AMAZING!!!! Step a Head….is awesome….
you and your team is awesome! THANK YOU ….THANK YOU…..THANK YOU!!!!
Day 1: July 4th… Found horse with injury in afternoon with gapping wound and blood spurting from lower part of
wound. Cleaned wound with Betadine solution 20% Betadine with 80% water….tied off bleeding vein with cleaned
horsehair strand. After cleaning we applied an Occlusive Dressing… We Put a strap over her back (a cut off
pantyhose) attached dressing and a diaper over the wound and attached the dressing to the strap. Each day the
bandage would come off due to the horse would bite through the dressing and pull it off…. We dressed it twice a
day….Antibiotic (Penicillin) Shots 10CC for 5 days. Horse could not lift her foot off the ground…but would drag her
foot. Very weak in her front. Was not sure if horse would ever walk again. Called professional horseman and
evaluated and was told horse would be lame if she survived, said it was the worst wound he had ever seen. My
brother was going to put her down....after consulting together we decided to give her a chance and attempt to treat
the wound and look for assistance.

Day 5: July 9th … Found Step Ahead Farm (Dr. Jolly) in Hot Springs, AR…. ( we live about 30 miles from Dr. Jolly’s
facility.) Horse was hauled via trailer to facility. Evaluated and found to have a huge gapping wound which involved
severed muscle tissue, tendon and nerves. Dr. Jolly and his team cleaned the wound, using Lacerum wound wash
and then placed the netting material over the horses legs and body and attached it with plastic ties. Wound was
packed with wound wash and gauze then netting over it to hold it in place. Placed horse in Paddock with “home
made Bib”… Dr. Jolly helped us make a bib out of a 10 qt bucket….At day 5 horse could lift leg about 3 inches…
walking was difficult for her. Wound did not look good…. This day was our first photos taken by Dr. Jolly…..First
treatment of wound wash by Dr. Jolly and his team….
Day 6: July 10th…. Stopped Antibiotic because the wound cleaner was sufficient to control infection. Found horse
to be very upset with bib and being in a paddock due to wanting to be with her companion horse. Dressing was
intact even though she was stomping and pawing….Tried to calm horse but found her to be very upset but left her
in paddock.

Day 7: July 11th…. Horse found in paddock to still be very upset, ramming her chest against metal gate, pawing and
rearing up. Hitting her bib against side of paddock…. We decided to put her in the front yard on green grass with
her companion horse. She calmed down and had very little stimulation at this point… but would still chew her
bandage…. This day, bandage was found to be chewed with fraying netting. Repaired netting with pantyhose ($1.00
at dollar store) put on new dressings under net…. Applied wound wash with gauze. Removed bib so she could eat
grass without resisting the bib.

Days 8-10...July 12-14.…Maintaining bandaging daily, she is walking very well…. she does not resist the cleaning
process….(nerve is no longer exposed)….She stands very still as we clean the wound and wipe it thoroughly….

Day 11: July 15th… Treatment remains once to twice a day… Wound wash, gauze soaked with wound wash and
diaper over top with panty hose over the diaper…The netting was frayed beyond repair due to her nipping at it.
Body band remained intact….She is walking very well and even trotted today…AMAZING… I am an RN and I
believe in Physical Therapy, I believe her being out of the paddock has assisted the animal to walk and trot as
quickly as she has. (I have not confirmed this with Doc Jolly)…. However… being out of her paddock without her
bib….she bites at the bandage causing damage to the netting which costs to replace. I justified this by believing the
netting was far cheaper than feed and hay! If she is happy walking and eating green grass without fighting her bib
and paddock to be with her companion….I am happier even though I have to treat daily instead of every 2nd or 3rd
day. I believe the extra wound wash is speeding up the healing process which again if far less than feed and hay.….
especially when purchased in a drought in Arkansas at 105*…..Granulation is amazing and if I were to guess….the
wound has closed by 50%….Horse now GALLOPS without any limp what so ever!
Day 16: July 20th…. Bandage remains intact…No more chewing….Horse has no limp, no restrictions on her
balance, walking or galloping. Wound wash continues daily not that it is necessary but due to I really want to
see the progress and are constantly amazed at the healing that is taking place! I think they should be using this
on humans!!!! I cannot thank you enough Doc Jolly and your team!!!! My team (my self and my brother) have
done exactly as Doc Jolly instructed with the exception of keeping her in a paddock…. Even so, I believe she is
healing at miracle rate….I believe that animals are like humans and each patient has to be treated with what
works best for them. For my horse, being out of the paddock helped her to be calmer without sedation….eat
nice rich green grass and being with her companion horse promoted physical therapy. This may not be
advisable for all horses with a catastrophic wound as this one. She is one tough little horse and wants to heal….
When she dragged her foot she was still happier being out of the paddock and would only try to walk a few
steps… As she became stronger she would put weight on it and walk only what she felt she could…. And now….

Please get your advise from Doc Jolly and/or your VET….. They are the experts…..

Even though I am only about 30 miles from Doc Jolly’s facility, where he could have boarded my horse and
treated her daily, I wanted to do the process myself… He has seen her one time and given me advise on 2
occasions…. My brother and I are doing this ourselves….and she is healing wonderfully…..

Thank you again! Please save your horse if you can…. Don’t shoot them as we originally thought was necessary!
There are options!

PS…. Granny cut her finger on Barb wire and it was bleeding profusely….. I squirted it with wound wash and
after her fit when she found out it was horse medicine…. She just put a bandage on it…. THE next day…. She
took the bandage off and she had only a scratch on the surface of the skin…. Day 2.…GONE…. PS…. Yes, I am an
RN and treated with an unorthodox fashion… if caught I may lose my license…..If so, I am going to work for Doc
Jolly because this stuff works! THANK YOU AGAIN…..
NOTES FROM THE OWNERS: are the latest photos.......Taken at DAY 20.....which was July 24th......Looking really good...Also....see our
cheap bandaging that has done well to stay on.... it slides up and down which is good for her with her walking and
running now.....
Here is a few photos of 38 days, 42 days and 45 days post trauma. Notice how the right leg is completely healed
and the scar is getting smaller, we continue to use wound wash on the scar. The Left leg is closing up nicely... The
muscle seems to be weak at this point. We put my granddaughter on her bare back and she limped. She can gallop
with her own weight without a limp at all. I assume she will just need continued Physical Therapy to build the
new muscle tissue's strength. Please Doc can you verify this? Notice the small amount of blood on the photo? This
is because she rubs against a tree because it itches. The bandage does a nice job of keeping it from being
damaged, but sometimes she scrapes it hard and causes slight bleeding. The wound wash heals it up the next day,
as you can see in the photos.
Thanks much..... PS. Still using the second gallon, not opened the third yet. Still have at least a quart of the
second gallon left. It goes a long way and we use it daily on both wounds, some fly bites and all scrapes we see.....
Including Granny, Papa and the dog!
Day 38
Day 42
Day 45
Day 60

Hello Doc Jolly and Team,
This is exactly 2 months.... 60 days post injury.... AMAZING!!!! She is doing very well.... I believe within a week, the
bandages will come off completely! What is weird about that..... I leave for Ecuador on Sept 11th.... The Day I came
home from South America on July 4th, she did this accident and the day I leave on Sept 11, is the day the bandages
come off and we believe the wound will be completely healed!

We know she has physical therapy ahead of her, but she is galloping and doing awesome! THANK YOU AGAIN.... I
will send a photo the last day I am here....After that, my brother doesn't have the camera but we can keep you posted
on the progress of PT....