This injury was ten months old before it came to Step Ahead Farm.
Owned by a nurse who had been diligent in her care of the wound, using traditional products - caustic powder and
heavy metal compounds - the horse went very lame when it pulled the severed extensor tendon loose from the
granulation bed (photo 2).

The protruding tendon was removed to prevent a recurrence of the same event. (Photo 3)
Platelet Derived Growth Factor was applied to the area left by the removed tendon and the granulation bed was
revitalized. (Photo 4)
Bandaging technique that promoted the epithelial border and growth and provided protection was employed.

Day 17 shows active healing granulation bed and progressing epithelial border.
Day 58 shows a mature granulation bed that will no longer try to overgrow.
Day 74 shows the reduction in the wound size.

Result: Mare went home in three months and qualified for the state championship show in three events.
Question: How does a horse extend it's ankle when the common digital extensor is cut at ankle level ?

Treatment 9-21-2001 through 12-31-2001
1st Day at Step Ahead Farm   1st Day at Step Ahead Farm                       Day 6
Day 17                                      Day 58                                        Day 74
Day 99                       Final Day at Step Ahead Farm
Case 28
Cannon Area Injury
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