Case 250
Body Injury
This is a consultation case...
This was a malicious injury done to an in foal mare. Ammonium Nitrate burn over 3/4 of the side of the
abdomen on the left side from the front leg to the rear leg.

The treatment was performed by the owner with consultation with and medicine provided by Dr. Jolly and
Step Ahead Farm. The medicines used were Lacerum Wound Wash & Lacerum Ointment.

This wound was left open with no bandaging for the duration of the treatment.

It is unusual for this much epithelial growth to occur on a body wound, but it may be due to the fact that
the wound was only skin deep. This horse was treated by the owner in Minnesota during the winter months.
The baby was born during the treatment process. No final pictures are available because the owner sold the
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--------------- 12-18-2005 ---------------
-------------------- 5-20-2006 --------------------
This mare's foal, pictured 12-18-2005, the foal was born 11-18-2005.