Case 237
Pastern/Bulb of
Heel Area Injury
This is Charlie, a quarter horse gelding belonging to a farrier & his wife. Charlie injured his right front
lower pastern & bulb of heel. The wound was 1 1/2 inches deep, and the collateral ligament and the volar
nerve were severed. Charlie was referred to Step Ahead Farm and arrived from Oklahoma two days after the
These were the initial pictures of the
injury sent to us by the owners.
Click on the photos to enlarge the view.
Day 1

The leg was trimmed and cleaned with Lacerum
Wound Wash, then treated with PRP gel.
Bandaging was occlusive, utilizing Nich netting,  
velcro disks & velcro strips.
Day 4

Repeat of day 1 treatment.....
Day 8

Granulation tissue is already developing. Charlie shows a fair bit of sensitivity
where the volar nerve was severed, but is walking surprisingly well.
Day 12

The granulation tissue is well formed, and the
depth of the injury has healed to about 1/2
inch deep.
We changed to stage 2 bandaging at this point.
Day 18

The granulation tissue has matured, and the
injury has healed to near complete closure. The
epithelial border has started to develop.
We changed to stage 3 bandaging at this point.
Day 32

The wound site has contracted in size and
Charlie moves completely sound.
Day 44

The epithelial border has almost
completely closed over the wound
site, and the wound has contracted
to near normal size.
Charlie was turned out to pasture on day 55, his wound had completely
closed. Charlie stayed with us for two extra months, while his owners
moved from Oklahoma to Iowa. These pictures were taken 3 1/2 months
after the initial injury.