Case 235
Head Area Injury
This is Buddy, a 7 month old paint colt with a deep laceration to the face, extending from just below the left
eye to just above the right nostril. Buddy's injury involved exposed bone and lacerated / severed muscle
tissue. Buddy's wound was 10 days old when he arrived, which made it impossible to suture the wound closed.
Day 1
Buddy's wound was
cleaned with wound
wash and sutured along
the right side to help
hold the tissue in place.
The wound was then
treated with PRP and
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Day 10
As expected, the sutures
were pulling apart, but it
was decided to leave
them in for the support
they were able to give.
The granulation tissue was growing well, with no
sign of infection. There is still a large area of bone
exposed at the top and along the lower edge.
Day 29
A small piece of periosteum flaked off the bone at the upper exposed site. This
was the reason for the granulation tissue not covering the bone at the upper
point of the wound site.
Day 15
A strong discharge began on day 15, We changed to a double strength wound wash
and Buddy was placed on antibiotics for 3 days and the discharge cleared up.
Day 31
By day 31, the epithelial border has started to grow, and the bone is covered on the
lower section of the wound site.
Day 36
The bone is now covered at the upper site with just a small
hole to fill in with granulation tissue, and Buddy went home
today for his owners to continue treatment.
Buddy's owners are taking new pictures of his wound, and sending them to us so
we can add them to his case. They will be added to this page as soon as they arrive.