Case 234
Hindquarter Area Injury
This is a 4 year old Lippizan Mare "Ellie" with a 12 inch laceration to the hindquarter. Lillie arrived 1 hour
after the injury occurred. Prior to loading Lillie for the trip to Step Ahead Farm, the owner sprayed the
wound with saline solution and covered it with an occlusive bandage held in place with duct tape.

The decision to not suture this wound completely closed was a controversial one, but in our experience
wounds of this nature (located in a moving area) which are sutured pull open within a few days.

This wound healed amazingly fast, and with no lameness or pulling at the wound site.
Day 1 - With cosmetics being
a concern as well as function,
the upper portion of this
wound was sutured in an
attempt to prevent the torn
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skin from folding under. Due to the location of the
wound, it was determined that any sutures placed in
the lower section of the wound would tear open, so that
portion was left open to allow drainage.
Day 4 - Treatments of PRP gel continue, placing
Lacerum Wound Wash saturated gauze over the
wound site and inserting the PRP gel behind this. The
entire site was then covered with a treated (with
Lacerum Wound Wash) occlusive bandage and this
was covered by the protective netting which helps
hold everything in place and prevents chewing and
Day 8 -
At this point, the new granulation bed is well
underway, and we continued with the
occlusive bandaging.  Note the self adhering
velcro tabs attached to the main bandage,
these in turn attach to the netting.
Day 13 -
We are now at skin level, and are awaiting the granulation tissue to
mature and are at stage 2 bandaging.
Day 15 -
The granulation tissue has almost matured, and at this point we are
working to encourage the epithelial border to start, using Lacerum
Finish Ointment along the edge of the wound site.
Day 20 -
A view of the wound prior to cleaning.
Day 22 -
We now have a healthy epithelial border started, and are almost ready to start stage 3
Day 25 -
A view of the wound site just after cleaning. At this point the granulation bed is mature, and we have
started stage 3 bandaging and treatment.
Day 32 -
The 3rd picture in this series shows the stage 3 bandaging in place.
Day 69
Day 82
Day 102
Final Pictures 220 days after injury
Pictures sent to us by the owner...