Case 225
Cannon / Hock Area Injury
This is a retired Thoroughbred gelding with a 3 week old injury to the inside of the lower hock.
This injury involved a piece of avascular necrotic bone.
Treatment 7-26-2010 through 8-13-2010
Day 1
The horse was given a general anesthetic and tranquilizer, and a piece of avascular
necrotic bone was removed.
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Day 10
The granulation bed has
completely closed, and is
slightly above skin level.
Day 13
The epithelial border has
started to grow.
Day 16
The granulation bed has matured, and is starting to
contract in size.
Day 18
The wound has reduced in size by half from day 1.
The horse went home on this day for the owner to
continue treatment.
Final pictures have been requested.