This is a Thoroughbred filly that was injured that had yet to win a race.
Treatment was initiated due to the extent of the injury on the backside of the leg.
No promise of being able to return to performance was offered due to the damage.
Both injuries were located at fetlock level on the left rear leg, one on the front, one on the
back. Bandaging was changed every fourth day. The filly was turned out in a paddock for two
months after treatment and then put back in training. The winning picture (six months after
returning home) indicates another accomplishment for mother nature.

Treatment 6-28-2001 through 8-28-2001
Day 7
Day 4
Day 1
Day 31
Day 28
Day 34
Day 37
Day 54
Day 42
Day 68
Case 22
Fetlock Injury
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