Case 217
Shoulder/Chest Area Injury
This is a two year old quarter horse colt with a nine day old T-Post injury to the point of the shoulder.
This injury was initially sutured by another veterinarian, prior to arriving at Step Ahead Farm.
Treatment 6-30-2010 through 8-2-2010
Day 1
The muscles had been cut, the colt
was sore and hesitant about moving
the right foreleg.
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Day 6
The colt tended to chew on the bandaging, and a stiff plastic grazing muzzle was implemented to prevent chewing.
Day 15

The protruding muscle has contracted over
half the original distance, and an epithelial
border has started. The colt is no longer sore.
Day 27

The entire protruding area has contracted to
skin level.
Day 30

The granulation bed is almost completely
smooth, and the colt moves sound.
Day 34

The entire wound is at skin level, and we expect a nice, cosmetic healing. The colt went home on this day.
Day 84

Pictures sent by the owner
The wound is almost undetectable, the colt is starting under saddle training & doing well.