Case 214
Pastern Injury
This is Spirit, a one month old Kentucky Mountain Horse foal with a week old wire injury. This injury included
exposed bone, severed extensor and flexor tendons, and exposure with damage to the medial volar nerve.

In these strangulation type injuries, it is likely that the blood supply has been disrupted to the extent that the
tissue will not remain viable. There is also the concern of the hoof sloughing off due to lack of circulation.

Treatment 4-26-2010 through 6-5-2010
Day 1
Since both the extensor and flexor tendons were non-functional, along with the damaged nerve, this colt walked on
the toe of his hoof.
Before                 &                 After
Day 14
Spirit began placing his hoof flat while walking (see video at bottom of page)
Days 17 - 19
The open area where the bone and severed tendons were exposed has closed in with granulation tissue. The
granulation bed has reached skin level on the rear portion of the injury. Spirit was put on antibiotic therapy due
to a concern regarding the coloration of a portion of the healing tissue.
Day 30
The granulation bed has reached skin level on the front portion of the injury.
Day 17
Day 19
Day 40
Day 42
Day 67
This is an ongoing case, and we will add updates, pictures and video as Spirit heals.
One week old                67 days into healing
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