This is a Quarter Horse mare with a t-post wound on the front left hock. (Note that this mare
also has a gaskin injury, case 201)
This wound had a slight amount of granulation tissue overgrowth, but otherwise this was a
pretty remarkable healing. We did utilize a product which is now called Quick-Derm to help
reduce the granulation tissue overgrowth.
Other healing agents used were placental tissue, lacerum ointment and gel, and wound wash.
Treatment 7-21-2008 through 11-22-2008
July 21, 2008
August 4, 2008
August 15, 2008
August 10, 2008
August 24, 2008
August 19, 2008
September 4, 2008
September 13, 2008
November 22, 2008
June 9, 2010
Case 201A
Hock Injury
State 4H Trail Champion
Top 5 in Showmanship
Top 5 in Horsemanship
Top 10 in Halter
State Show Top 15 finalist in
Buckaroo Horsemanship.
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