Case 20
Cannon Area Injury
This is a palomino Quarter Horse yearling with a wire cut injury on the left rear cannon, the extensor
tendon was cut and 6 inches of the tendon was missing. This injury was two weeks old when he arrived
at Step Ahead Farm.
Dr. Powell of Hope, Arkansas initially treated this horse, and part of the rapid growth of the healthy
granulation bed is due to the fact that treatment began shortly after the injury.
No granulation overgrowth occurred during the healing of this wound. The three different stages of
wound healing were not established when this case was treated, and some mistakes were made in the
way the therapy was applied.
Treatment 6-15-2001 through 8-20-2001
Before                 &                 After
Day 1 - Treated with
prp gel and wrapped
with an occlusive
Day 10 - Platelet Poor Plasma treatment.  

Day 12 - Note that the bandage slipped down and a scab
formed on the exposed area of the wound, The bottom
half remained moist. No particular difference in the
healing was observed because the scab was removed
from the top half of the wound.
Day 5 - The granulation
bed is at skin level,
Treated with lacerum II.
Day 41 - Transparency view - lighter bandaging was
developed, due to our theory that over-bandaging caused
granulation overgrowth, due to high moisture developing
at the wound site. Bandage left in place for 4 days.
Day 45 - Note that at this point, the granulation
bed itself is treated one way and the outer edge
(epithelial border) is treated differently.
Day 51
Day 65
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