10 year old Barrel & Pole horse with a lacerated cannon, shredded extensor tendon degloved skin and
exposed bone.
This horse not only returned to competitive condition but won the next Arkansas State Junior Championship
in poles and placed 3rd in barrels.
See the video at the bottom to view this horse's championship run !
Most significant part of this injury which healed very rapidly, was that the owner, who is a nurse, had the
horse here within two hours after the time if the injury. It was a de-gloving type of injury and the tendon was
not severed, but it was shredded. The bone was exposed through the shredded tendon.
The treatment was initiated immediately with wound wash by the owner, then the horse was brought to Step
Ahead Farm.
We initiated a follow-up cleaning procedure, and then saturated 4x4 gauze pads with platelet rich plasma gel
that were placed between the de-gloved skin flap and the bone and tendon.
After four days of utilizing this procedure, the tissue had initiated a healing process that allowed us to
discontinue placing the treated gauze between the de-gloved skin and the bone, and instead treated from the
exterior, with the flap bandaged back into position.
We attribute the above actions to being the reason this horse healed as cosmetically well as it did.
No granulation tissue overgrowth ever occurred. No toxic heavy metal therapy was applied, and the healing
was unusually rapid.

SIDE NOTE: The following year, this horse won again, bringing home the Arkansas State Junior
Championship in Barrels.

Treatment 5-14-2008 through 11-22-2008
5/14/2008 - Day 1
5/19/2008 - Day 6
9/24/2008 - Day 132
11/22/2008 - Day 160
One and a Half Year Later
June 2010
Case 191
Cannon Area Injury
Bobby placed 6th in buckaroo
barrels and 9th in Senior poles at
State.  He was also Southern
Regionals 4H Stakes Champion,
4th in Barrels and overall Speed
events champion.  This is an event
that has 13 states competing.
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