This Paint Stallion was the State Roping Champion.  This animal was sold to a Rancher in Mexico for a large sum
of money before he was wounded. This is also a homozygous Stallion, and thus a valuable Stud.  The injury
caused the sale to be called off, pending the outcome of the wound.  The stallion was treated by another Vet for
three weeks without showing improvement, before being referred to Step Ahead Farm.  There were 20 treatments
of Lacerum™ five days apart.  After a little over 90 days of treatment, the sale went through as though the
Stallion had never been wounded.  Notice on Day 116 that there is no swelling in the leg.

Treatment 6-11-2001 through 11-6-2001
Day 1
Day 10 w/placential tissue
Day 42
Day 26
Day 101
Day 78
Day 65
Day 137
Day 116
Final Picture, hair will
continue to fill in the bare
Case 19
Cannon Injury
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Before                &                After