Three inches of bone exposed on medial side of leg just below the knee. Wound studies in the past have indicated
that this is one of the slowest healing areas on the body. Our experience with this type of wound is that the
granulation tissue fills back in to skin level in a normal length of time (14 days) with accompanying 1/4 inch wide
epithelial border.

Dec 27  -The one set back occurred when what appeared to be a blood blister developed at the top of the wound in
the 4th week. The horse was turned over to the owners care with the instructions that this might re-occur, and that
it might be related to avascular necrotic bone. The owner phoned one week after the horse returned home and
reported that a piece of bone had erupted out of this area.
Treatment 12-26-2007 through 1-24-2008
This is a yearling quarter horse filly with a cannon bone area injury.
Case 183
Cannon Area Injury
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12-27-2007 Day 1
12-29-2007 Day 3
1-6-2008 Day 11
1-10-2008 Day 15
1-24-2008 Day 29