Case 179
Cannon Area Injury
This is an Arabian endurance horse with a 2 year old wound on the right rear cannon. This horse was
brought to Step Ahead Farm from Colorado, in the hopes that we could revitalize the area. This horse
moved sound at arrival.

Prior treatments included caustic materials and three removals of excess granulation tissue.

Our treatment consisted of scraping off the cornified scar tissue, cleaning with wound wash, treating
epithelial borders with Eclipse ointment, and injecting platelet rich plasma around inner border of
wound site. Total treatment time at Step Ahead Farm was three months.

Note - The top of this wound had a thick layer of scar tissue, making epithelial growth difficult to

Final pictures have been requested. Treatment 9-10-2009 through 12-15-2009
Day 3 Possible necrotic tendon
Scraping crusty brown scar
tissue off of wound site
Epithelial border starting
on bottom of wound
Day 1 of treatment
Day 30
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Pictures the owner took summer 2010