This horse responded to therapy as quickly as he did because we were working on the wound 6 hours after it
happened. In this case we had all the body's first responders sent to the wound site in addition to the
enhancing effect of our platelet derived growth factors.
At day 20, since the wound is totally coated with a granulation bed, we no longer consider infection to be a
major factor in the care of this wound.
This is one of the fastest healing wounds with the lacerated tendon that we have treated. The owner
repeatedly called it a miracle. The total bill on this horse for 43 days was $522 for medical boarding and
$994 for treatment and the owner refused to pay.
Which leaves the question - What price are "miracles" expected ?
This is one of the reasons that many veterinarians refuse to get involved with catastrophic wound care.
There are no follow-up pictures currently available for this wound, due to owner's refusal of cooperation.
Treatment 12-1-2006 through 1-12-2007
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Case 174
Cannon Area Injury
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