This horse has four wounds on two legs. The horse injured both rear legs when attempting to cross a cattle guard.
The right rear leg had an eight inch wound that exposed bone just below the hock and a laceration on the back of the
pastern that severed the both flexor tendons and later involved the joint. The left rear leg had the extensor tendon
totally exposed on both sides the full length of the cannon bone and a pressure abscess on the back of the pastern.
Important note: follow the progress of the skin flap on the right rear pastern that was never cut off or trimmed, and
observe how cosmetically it re-attached and contracted down.
Orthopedic shoeing was employed to assist the lameness in the right rear pastern.
These wounds were healing successfully; at day 21 the left rear leg had granulated into skin level and the pastern had
a solid growth of granulation tissue covering the pressure wound. On day 21 the right rear pastern had granulation
tissue covering all of the exposed tendons and showed no evidence of infection but the patient continued to get more
and more unsound. IV antibiotic therapy was employed in addition to pain medication but eventually the horse had
to be put to sleep.
Treatment 10-24-2006 to 12-1-2006
Left Cannon Bone Area Injury
Arrival at Step Ahead Farm - Day 1
Day 1                       Day 1                         Day 6                        Day 6  
Day 15                      Day 15                         Day 21                     Day 28
Left Pastern Injury
Day 21                      Day 28
Right Cannon Bone Area Injury
Day 1                        Day 11                     Day 21                    Day 28                     Day 28
Right Pastern Injury
Day 1                                Day 1                           Day 1                              Day 11
Day 11                            Day 11                            Day 11                            Day 21
Day 21                              Day 21                           Day 28                       Photo Layout
Case 173
Cannon / Pastern Injury
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